NFTX Launches New Vault Creation Interface

NFTX Launches New Vault Creation Interface

In the final step of our new app roll-out we’ve introduced a new UI for vault creation that allows any user to permissionlessly create a vault for any NFT. Vault creators can visit to get started.

The launch of the minter is the penultimate step in our phased roll-out, which will close next week with the sunsetting of the original app. Then we build our V2 protocol front end!


  • Create an NFTX vault for any NFT
  • Customize the vault’s settings to target specific NFT subsets
  • Publish the vault to make it visible in the NFTX app

What’s new?

Vault Creation

The process for creating a vault is now extremely straightforward and the user interface will take you through all of the steps necessary to set one up.

As part of our future upgrade to V2, we are also encouraging vault creators to follow some naming conventions for the ERC20 token that is minted by the vault.

Vault Management

In our first iteration of the NFTX app, managing a vault after it was created was a challenging exercise. In this latest version, vault management is simple with settings that are clearly described and easily accessible.

The vault manager provides an interface to set eligibilities and allow/deny mint requests among other things. When all the settings are in place, the vault can be published. The only remaining step is to add holdings to the vault and it will then become visible in the front end.

What next?

We are now in the final steps of finishing our first major upgrade with the sunsetting of our old app next week. This will be replaced with an NFTX marketing page with educational content about the protocol. We will then be racing towards launching our V2 frontend which introduces a number of exciting new features including protocol fees and staking.

If you have any feedback at all, please head to or drop us a message in our Discord feedback channel. We’d love to hear from you.

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