How do I view my NFTX tokens in MetaMask?

How do I view my NFTX tokens in MetaMask?

It's possible that once you've purchased your NFTX token that you can find it when you look in your MetaMask wallet. This is perfectly normal, as not all tokens are natively shown by Metamask. In the post below, we’ll go through how to get your NFTX tokens to show as part of your assets.

Let's look at the following (and feel free to skip ahead if you like)

What is an NFTX Token?

An NFTX token provides you with voting power on the NFTX DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation). The more tokens you own, the more say you have in changes to the way in which NFTX operates. This includes which NFT funds to set up, what we do with the money in the treasury, and which developments should be prioritised.

It also gives you the power to raise ideas and have the rest of the DAO vote on it.

The NFTX token also sits on top of the NFT Treasury, which means that the NFTX token has value itself thanks to the pool of NFT’s and Ethereum the treasury owns.

How to acquire an NFTX tokens?

You can buy NFTX tokens on SushiSwap directly. We've also written a whole tutorial on buying NFTX through Matcha using MetaMask as well.

How can you see your NFTX tokens inside of MetaMask

Once you've purchased a token it's likely that you won't be able to see it inside of your MetaMask wallet. Don't be alarmed because you can still visit and verify that the purchase was successful and the contents of your wallet, instructions for that are in the next section.

Before we get started (finally), these step-by-step screenshots assume you are using a desktop browser with the MetaMask, but the same approach is valid if you're using the mobile app too.Click on your MetaMask extension and select Add token at the bottom of the widget.

Click on your MetaMask extension and select Add token at the bottom of the widget.

Select the Custom Token option under the Add Tokens heading

Paste 0x87d73e916d7057945c9bcd8cdd94e42a6f47f776 into the  Token Contract Address. After you have pasted it in the Token Symbol and Decimals of Precision will automatically be filled. Once pasted, click on the Next button.

You should see the token added in along with your current balance held. If you haven't purchased any NFTX yet, that balance will be zero. If you're happy, click on Add Tokens.

You should now be taken back to your wallet where you will be able to see your NFTX tokens along with any other holdings you might have.

How you can see your token through

You can still see the tokens on without having to go through all of the steps above.Open your MetaMask wallet extension and then click on the three dots to the right of your account name, then click on View on Etherscan.

This will link you to your user address on Etherscan and you will be able to see the purchases under Transactions, and the specific NFTX holding under the Erc20 Token Txns tab.